The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Handyman

Are you a small business owner on the hunt for the best handyman? If so, you need to check out these hints and tips, they're an absolute life-saver. Click here for more information!

Are you tired of poor service delivery from unreliable handymen? Have you tried hiring one online to see if that turns out differently?

The latest trend observed in the home improvement sector in Singapore is a shift towards online engagement in seeking customers. Online availability has, however, not made the process of finding the right handyman any easier.

If at all you are to find the best handyman in your area some exploration will have to be done. Below is a guide that will help you track him down.

Find the Right Places and Limit the Search There

The one place no one should begin their search at is the online yellow pages. Getting the best handyman for the job demands that you get out of your comfort zone.

This means that you shouldn't contact a handyman with the best ad either. Some effort will be required. You can begin your search in the following places.

Message Boards

Check if your building has a message board where tenants can either ask questions or give suggestions. It is more likely that a question regarding handyman services has been asked before.

You'll be able to easily get the best electrician, for example, by simply jotting down their details. If the question hasn't been posted before, be the one to ask it.

The advantage of message boards is that you get handymen who are familiar with your building's unique properties. Such properties include floor plans, equipment, and appliances.


Yelp provides a unique angle to help narrow down your search. Rave customer reviews will help you identify the best contractor or handyman in your area.

There will be plenty of bitterness to wade through, but the good honest reviews will point you in the right direction. An example is people who accompany a positive review with pictures to show how well the work was done. The chief benefit of Yelp is that it can provide you with a list, which you can then subject to further research.


The chief advantage of Kluje is that it does the vetting of potential contractors for you. All you have to do is post a job, and up to 3 contractors will bid for your job. You also have the option to check out the contractor profiles for yourself and do the sorting yourself.

The profiles have before and after pictures of work done along with user reviews for you to inspect. You are also encouraged to give a rating when the work is completed to ensure high standards are maintained.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the backbone of the handyman business. All new handymen can attest to the many ways word of mouth has helped them secure more jobs.

The catch, however, is that one must have a reputation for doing good work. Handymen with good reputations are the ones you should be after.

Make a point of asking your friends and neighbours for referrals and gather all the names you can get. You could also call a real estate agent and make some inquiries. The names that keep cropping up will merit further investigation.

Visit the Hardware Store

The bulletin boards on hardware stores could come in handy when other methods aren't delivering reliable options. Many contractors post their contact details on these boards, which might be worth a look.

The similarity to skimming through the online yellow pages might be there, but it works as a backup plan. There's a strong chance that they'll have a web address on their poster for you to use.

You can then get more information about their services and browse testimonials on their site. A site that describes the range of services in great detail would be a great help. An example of how this is done can be seen here.

Once you have your list of candidates the next step is getting more information about them. Begin by checking if there are any complaints lodged against them at the Consumer Association of Singapore.

Multiple complaints regarding the service of a given handyman should automatically disqualify them. Better safe than sorry.


The Interview Process

Conducting an interview will help you trim the short list even more. You wish to know if they are suitable for the job and an interview gives them an opportunity to make their case.

Don't be content with estimates on price if the contractor hasn't yet visited your business premises. Ask for more details regarding their skills while making it clear that you haven't given the green light yet. Request for their license number and verify its authenticity.

Some other things to find out during the interview are listed here.

Work Experience

Ask questions regarding their work history and how they were able to develop the expertise they presently have. Are they well acquainted with the problem you have and have they solved it before?


A handyman who is confident in his expertise will have no problem giving you details of people who can vouch for him. Call the names given and seek honest feedback with well-formulated questions.

A good handyman would have videos or before and after pictures that provide proof to verify the references. It would even be better if the pictures shown to you specifically deal with the service you are seeking.

Go a step further and call the people whose properties are being used as proof of good work. If the work was as good as the handyman claims it was, then surely the work must still be in good condition.

It could be that those clients ended up seeking another handyman to rectify the blunders made by the first.


After asking all the questions above, feel free to ask questions about add-ons. Do they charge for a minimal repair or two here and there?

It could be that the only fixing required could be the tightening of a loose nut.

If a contractor says he doesn't then more points to him. If he says he charges everything, then you shouldn't press the issue. He deserves proper pay for an honest day's work.

Get Some Estimates and Use Them to Formulate a Plan

The fact that your candidates have solid referrals means you are a step closer to finding the best handyman. Get estimates from all of them on what it will cost you in terms of time and cash.

Don't be surprised if any of them seem unwilling to walk you through the estimates they give you. Their justification could be that they aren't assured that you'll bring them on board.

There are other contractors, however, who will discuss every aspect of their services with you. The details involved with cover materials, man hours and the remuneration due.

Separating the Best Handyman from the Rest

The following tips will help you during the process of elimination to get unworthy contenders out of the way.

Where's the Plan?

A good handyman will give you a detailed plan in writing on how they are going to get the job done. The plan should contain a description of how they are going to fix it and all the materials needed.

The costs of the entire operation should then come afterward. Having the plan in writing will serve as your defense in case they change tune as is common among the sinister kind.

When a handyman starts to talk about budget increases or when their pace is sluggish, then you can refer them to the plan they made.

Avoid the Lowest Bidder

The lowest bidder is more often than not, a contractor who does a shoddy job. Making a lower bid than the rest implies they assume the work could be done at a low cost.

The low cost of services suggests low-cost materials are being used. Low-cost materials will most likely be of inferior quality. Chances are that poor service won't be the eventual result but are you willing to roll those dice?

Repairs that have to do with electricity can't afford to be done shoddily. One should choose a contractor who makes a bid that's both practical and fair.

Favorable Guarantees are Worth Having

The best handyman wouldn't hesitate to fix any post-service failures at no cost. Ask for the period of time the guarantee lasts and see how it measure's up to other offers.

You should also find out what the costs would be like in case the problem becomes chronic. The information you receive will help you to avoid potential legal disputes in the future.

Over-Ambitious Promises

A handyman who claims to be the best electrician because he can get quality work done quickly could earn points for confidence. Nevertheless, don't readily trust a handyman whose claims are too ambitious to be practical.

Such a claim is especially suspect when they differ greatly from the expectations set by other handymen. If a contractor says a job will take two days and everyone else says six days, there's reason to be suspicious.

Insurance Considerations

Contractors without insurance have the potential to create problems for you in case of accidents. Renter's insurance and business owner's insurance, as a rule of thumb, never cover the contractors you hire.

It, therefore, follows that the contractors you hire must have their own insurance. You should be guaranteed compensation in case of any damage to the property during repairs.

Sign a Contract

A contract ensures contractors conduct themselves conscientiously. The last thing you need is a contractor who doesn't mind going back on the terms of a verbal agreement.

A contract in writing guarantees there'll be no unresolved issues or confusion. In case the contractor decides to breach the contract, you'll have proper grounds to sue. A contractor who insists on verbal contracts could have dubious intentions.

You can make special consideration for contractors who include preventive maintenance in their list of services. The benefit they provide you is that they'll fix an issue cheaply now before it worsens and costs you more later.

Terms of payment

The ideal way to pay is a partial deposit beforehand followed by the rest upon completion of the work. The practice has gone for so long it's virtually an unstated rule in the industry.

Thus, it is not advisable to pay the full amount up-front under any circumstances. Do not trust any contractor that insists on the full payment before the work.

Make a Choice and Stay Involved

Once you've subjected all the potential contractors to this rigorous examination process, it will now be time to make a decision. Save the contacts of the contractors who came second and third best as a backup plan.

In the event your first choice turns out to be ineffective then you can easily call another contractor on your list. Make a number of things clear to your contractor before he/she begins the work to ensure there are no misunderstandings in the future:

1. They should abide by all the agreements stated in the contract to the completion of the project. In case they'd like to do things differently, the information should reach you immediately.

2. You should also be contacted immediately in case the cost of materials exceeds the amount cleared in the budget. The contractor shouldn't take it upon himself to continue repairs with materials you haven't approved.

3. If the contractor insists on you paying half the cost of repairs as a down-payment, then one should call the second contractor in line.

The contract needs to iron out all these issues. Make sure you don't forget to have them included.

Peace of Mind

A bonus that comes from hiring the best handyman is the peace of mind that results from the assurance that you will get quality work done. A quick response in serving you matters to us.

The best plumber will arrive promptly and quickly do repairs so that your business can continue working smoothly. Here at Mr. Wright, we are committed to providing high-quality services at affordable costs. Call us today at +65 6467 0396. Alternatively, you could sign up to be a member and enjoy our complimentary services.