About Our Handyman Services

Mr. Wright focuses on providing convenient, responsive and high quality handyman services to corporations and businesses.   

Electrical or plumbing issues can impact business operations. Having a reliable handyman allows business owners to have peace of mind. Corporate members can enjoy same day response from us depending on your membership tier. Our team of over 100 experienced technicians and service crew will ensure that your problem is fixed and minimise downtime for your company.   

What's more, we are the only handyman service provider in Singapore that provides centralized user control through our system allowing larger corporations to set up multiple accounts to allow various departments to raise service request, track expenses and management payment at a single platform. This allows your organisation to effectively manage maintenance needs conveniently and allows you to have control and transparency over such expenses.  

Have a franchise business that you need to keep your brand image consistent throughout your outlets? No time to audit all the stores you own? You can leave it to us to audit your stores for you. We provide both routine and surprise audits. You'll get a report on what we have found and will recommend a list of rectification works to keep your franchise stores in prime conditions.

We'll even be able to rectify repair works for you. 

3 simple steps to sign up with us to experience our handyman repair services!

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Why Hire Us for Your Office Repairs?

  • We combine Quality Workmanship, Superior Knowledge and Reasonable Prices ·        

  • We Can Ensure a Job is Done on Time and on Budget ·        

  • Proven Results for Setting Exceptional Standards in Cost Control ·        

  • We Guarantee Response Regardless the Size of Job for Commercial Members ·        

  • More than 40 Years of Experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

    Drawing from our parent company, Samlo Design Group's track record of providing reliable renovation services to both the residential and commercial clients, we have been able to meet the demands of our clients in a timely manner. The most recent project that we have completed was an offshore bank's renovation situated in the CBD. Overcoming challenges from specific material demand from our client to managing noise pollution during the renovation process. Samlo was able to deliver the project within the set timeline.

    With our wealth of experience, we would like to extend our services to our commercial clientele by bringing our reliable and responsive handyman expertise to minimise downtime for your establishment. 


    Our professional handyman team, who attends to cases with easily identifiable uniforms, are trained to be as least disruptive to your daily operations as possible. They are experienced and skilled to diagnose repair needs and is able to propose cost effective solutions to solve the issue to the satisfaction of our clients. 

    Mr Wright holds punctuality and customer satisfaction in very high regard. We closely monitor our service team's response time and value customer feedback to create positive experience for our clients.


    When the job is completed, our handyman team will invite you to inspect the site first before leaving your office. Direct feedback can be given to our team if the job is not done to your satisfaction before they leave your premises. 


    40 years of track record in the renovation and repair services line have amassed a wealth of experience that helps us see thorough even the most challenging request. We constantly update our service and repair team's skill set through internal and on the job training programme. Other than deep expertise in the repair and service line, our service team are also trained in delivering good customer service experience.

    Our automated customer management system, monitors both service request attendance and customer satisfaction almost real time, demonstrating the emphasis our management has on service quality and customer experience. 

Our Handyman Repair Services

Mr Wright is a one-stop renovation, repair and maintenance handyman for your commercial asset needs. With our 40 years of experience in the industry, we have been able to satisfy all requests from our clients regardless of their budget. 
  • Office Renovation & Reinstatement

    Whether you are upsizing or downsizing your office, we have the expertise to maximise every inch of your space through creative interior design, renovation and planning to ensure that your staff and your customers have the best experience possible in your office. 

  • Handyman Plumbing Services for Workplace Plumbing Repair

    If you are in the business of franchising your service or product, you will appreciate that your franchisee adhere to your branding and image. Mr Wright is able to provide brand audit services to help you maintain and manage your franchisee's outlets and provide report on findings of individual outlets.

    This helps you effectively manage your brand and image to the consumers. 

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Leaky pipe in the middle of peak business hour? Electrical trips? Cannot find a skilled technician to solve your problem? Look no further, Mr Wright is the handyman of choice. Simply sign up to be our member ( in 3 simple steps)

    What's more, members may enjoy complimentary preventive maintenance services from us to ensure that your office does not suffer income loss due to disruptions. 

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